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puppies for free? cars? need me to test out the service at your latest all-inclusive resort? sweet. hit the contact button above and shoot me an email. :)

text ads are available on the main page of my blog. i have thousands of unique visitors each month, not to mention hundreds of twitter followers and feedreader subscribers. all things are negotiable so please contact me to discuss rates, details and specifics.

i'm open to product reviews to the extent that i think they will not only be applicable to my life, but to those who read my blog. i will not review a product i don't think i need, or will not use otherwise. it's just not who i am. if you have something you think is "totally ster" then shoot me an email and we'll discuss it! product reviews are a great way to generate word of mouth business... when it's genuine.

does your website need help? not living up to its full potential? i can review your website from a buyer's perspective and give you detailed feedback on each and every section of your design. this will be my opinion only, but i feel like what i would see (as a potential buyer) and what you see (as the designer, owner, etc) could be vastly different. let me tell you what i would improve on your site and hopefully, you'll sell more product!

xoxo jennster