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I'm a woman who can't be defined or put into some little box with labels and categories. I might be a mom, but it's not all I am. I might love Taco Bell to ridiculous levels, but that's not all I love. I might like the foam in my Chai Tea Latte more than I like the Chai itself, but that's ... well, that's just weird. I'm definitely weird. As a whole though, i'm pretty undefineable. At least, that's how I feel. :)

I believe in making the most out of every single day. I also believe in discovering your heart and soul's true desires and then working hard to make them a reality. I believe that if you work your truth, everything else will fall into place.

I'm a big believer in fun and having it as often as possible!! I love to laugh, be silly and act like a total goofball. I feel like my life is a constant discovery of beautiful things, people and places that set my heart on fire... And I love every second of it!

I write books for a living and I wouldn't change a single thing about it. I'm blessed to be doing what I truly love. And I hope you are too. Please come visit me over at my author website at www.j-sterling.com and check out all the books I've written, what's to come and my event schedule. Thank you for your support, love and encouragement. I appreciate you. :) xox