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i'm a thirty-something year old woman who can't be defined or put into a little box with labels and categories. i might be a mom, but it's not all i am. mostly, i'm undefineable. i've yet to meet anyone quite like me- i don't say this to be a bitch, it's just true. come meet me and you'll agree!! i'm all about making the most out of every single day. i believe in discovering your heart and soul's true desires and then working hard to make them a reality. my life is a constant discovery about the things i want and the things i don't, and i write about them all.. i find that i'm constantly changing. it's kind of annoying.

i'm honest, straight forward and tell it how it is.. well at least how it is according to me. :) i'm a big believer in fun and having it as often as possible. i love to laugh and be silly and act like a total dork (just in case i haven't conveyed that already) ! i write the way i speak. so if you're offended by bad words (wah), you probably shouldn't approach me in public, because what you read is what you'll hear in real life. reading my blog is like having a conversation with me. except you don't get to talk back, you just get to listen. i'm so considerate.

i like to take pictures and for some reason i'm always photographed with my mouth open or my lips all pursed together in some random attempt at being sexy (at least that's what i tell myself). there are many things wrong with me.. that's just one of them.

xoxo jennster